Taste The World:

Trade and consumer events present fantastic opportunities for our people to meet new producers, and for you to find some fresh vinous friends. Through this site you’ll be able to get a quick snapshot of the who/what/where/when of shows, tasting events, and gastronomic happenings taking place throughout the province.

A Toast to You…From Us:

Sharing a special glass with equally special friends has been a tradition passed on through generations. At Heritage Cellars, we are first and foremost wine and spirit aficionados, who look forward to establishing lasting friendships with people who share our passion… people like you.

Heritage Cellars:

Experience the magic of savouring truly distinctive elixirs, each with captivating stories behind them. Heritage Cellars delivers not only some of the world’s finest products, but also an introduction to the people, places, and history that set them above the rest.

From The Grapevine:

The wine and spirits industry is ever changing. Innovative, cutting-edge producers are constantly moving in evocative new directions. At the same time, a respect for culture, tradition, and family values acts as a cornerstone for both ourselves and our suppliers. Check in regularly for the latest in trade news and developments.

The Perfect Match:

Just as you strive to select the perfect drink for each occasion, we are selective about the international artisans whose portfolios we present to you. We are in regular contact with our winemakers and still masters. They know their craft; we know the market and the expectations of our clients. A perfect match.

Since experiencing the magic of opening a fine bottle of wine ourselves, we have wanted to share the thrill with fellow Ontarians. We aim to guide consumers to find their wine and to help tell the story behind the wine; the vineyard, the history of place, the vineyard caretakers and the passion of the winemaker.

Flora Springs
california partner
Bodegas Tobia
partner spain
La Maleta
partner spain
Quinta Vale Do Armo
partner portugal
Domaine Cecile Du Parc
france partner
Laurent Perrachon
france partner
Rene Vedrenne
france partner
Emiliana Natura
chile partner
Schloss Vollrads
germany partner
Stefano Farina
italy partner


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