Starting out life as a family endeavour, the Conti Zecca winery has a fascinating history that spans over five centuries. With passion, tradition and innovation at the heart of their operation, Conti Zecca has quickly risen to become one of Puglia’s most prominent wineries.

The town of Leverano, where Conti Zecca built his winery, has since become a huge trading hub for Salento and Puglia. As the years have progressed, so too have the Zecca family’s methods, building upon and improving their wine making abilities. With their ardent fervour for wine, the Zeccas have finely honed each step of their production, from creating the best environment to choosing the best possible agronomic techniques and harvesting methods, to ultimately producethe highest quality wines.

The still and sparkling wines produced here are a luscious embodiment of the opulence offered in the Salento region. Boasting four family-run estates in their marvellous winery, Conti Zecco is the place to visit if you are looking to sample wines which preserve and enhance the history, and echo the spirit of the region they grow in.