Domaine La Louvière lies at the foot of the Pyrenees about 30 kilometres southwest of the imposing fortress town of Carcassonne in the Malepère region. This harsh and original landscape is characterised by a unique microclimate: alternately pampered by the warm breeze of the Mediterranean and tested by the cool influence of the Atlantic and the Pyrenees, the grapes ripen in climatic tension. The soil here is another special feature of the terroir, responsible for the less than flattering name of Malepère (literally ‘poor stone’): clay, sandstone and limestone as well as large boulders. It ensures a special mineralisation of the vines and has an enormous heat-storage potential – protecting the vines on cool nights. And the stony, hard-to-work land offers another advantage: at Domaine La Louvière we still do real manual work.