Set up in the town of Maligny, Lamblin Fils is one of the oldest Domaine in the Chablis region. 
The first traces of this family on this land date back to 1690…
In 1890, Louis Lamblin made the fist move in trade. His son, Henri Lamblin as he was carrying on with his double occupation as wine grower and merchant, acted upon the trade union life of the vineyard and contributed to draw up many laws relating to the various appellations. But at the end of the fifties, Jacques, his son, has known how to give an international expansion to Lamblin firm.
Since 1987Michel (on the right) & Didier (on the left) Lamblin have been working in perfect complementary and harmony. The former is above all in charge of administrative matters and management whereas the latter, after consistent oenology studies, is now leading the technical part. Outstanding managers, still anxious to keep the quality which has made their reputation, they work with passion and determination while respecting the tradition of their predecessors.